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First Wild Dogs Magic Storm

First Wild Dogs Magic Storm
Recording by Dog Rose Sound
by Intact Theatre Company

This is not a book but a CD recorded by Dog Rose Sound in Limpopo, South Africa. Two extracts from this CD can be found on another of our websites -

Price: £10 plus postage and packing



(Worldwide - Air)

(Worldwide - Surface)

Cover of the CD, First Wild Dogs Magic Storm.

We have put the CD here because we hope to sell many copies to help the group who come from the most disadvantaged province in South Africa. They are Ba-Pedi people and sing in Sotho.

There are 14 tracks on the CD and they include singing, drumming and dancing where you can hear the rattles around their ankles.

This is an unique experience to hear an exciting live performance by the Intact Theatre Company who have never been recorded before.

Two extracts from the CD can be heard on


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