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Another Eyesight

Another Eyesight
Multi-sensory Design in Context
by Julia Ionides and Peter Howell

Published 2005
ISBN: 0-9528367-3-4
411 pages
200 colour illustrations
2 CDs with sound examples and voice production


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Another Eyesight - Multi-sensory Design in Context, by Julia Ionides and Peter Howell

Another Eyesight is a book about the research and development work the Dog Rose Trust has carried out over nearly 20 years. During that time it has worked with people with visual impairments to develop ways in which they can enjoy all environments in a multi-sensory way. The Trust believes this helps everyone to get more out of exhibitions, galleries and outdoor displays.

The use of sound is very important to our work as it is the preferred medium for many blind people and the book covers the technical aspects of recording and editing, as well as scripting and outreach. There is also an assessment of the current situation regarding playback equipment suitable for loading with your own recordings. The two CDs in the book give information and examples that can be followed.

Three-dimensional tactile models are all described in detail as well as a research project we have just completed to create a relief image of a Common Carp in a range of materials by eight different craftsmen. Also included is the outdoor environment, with contributions from RSPB and English Nature wardens, and the theatre, with a chapter by Theatre by the Blind in New York.

This book is not the final word but the beginning of what will be on-going development and discussion. It is planned to update information on the website. It is important that people with sensory impairments are not forgotten during the design process, and it is hoped that this book will ensure this does not happen.

"Justice cannot be done, in a simple book review, to the diversity of ideas and topics covered in this excellent book. Do dip into it. Do browse. Do read it."
Michael Tobin, University of Birmingham. Review in The British Journal of Visual Impairment, Volume 24, No. 1, 2006.

"The six chapters cover an extensive and detailed approach to design, hearing, touch, design of exhibitions and community involvement, outdoor environments and theatre. The pages are lavishly illustrated with colour photographs of projects and selected book covers. Useful references for further reseearch are available throughout the book." Cadi Price, Barrierfree, 2005


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