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with an Afterword by Julia Ionides
by Luke Ionides

Published: 1996
ISBN: 0-9528367-0-X
128 pages
11 black and white illustrations
Soft cover

Price: £9.95 plus postage and packing



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Memories, by Luke Ionides

Memories, by Luke Ionides, was originally printed in Paris in 1925, the year after his death. A limited number of copies was printed, which are now difficult to find and unavailable in most libraries. The Dog Rose Press published Memories in a facsimile edition, with a biographical Afterword by Julia Ionides, great great niece of Luke. The book is illustrated with some previously unpublished drawings and photographs.

Luke was a member of the Anglo-Greek Ionides family, who were renowned art patrons in the second half of the 19th century. Luke's brother, Constantine, left his fine collection of works of art to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where they can be seen today. Luke's father and then his brother, Alecco, owned 1 Holland Park - that 'epoch-making house' - which contained work by many of the leading artists and designers of the day - William Morris, James Whistler, Walter Crane, William de Morgan and Philip Webb - who were also friends of the family. In Memories Luke wrote about these friends. Material from unpublished family memoirs and letters has been made available for the Afterword, which is the first biographical essay on Luke Ionides.


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