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A Positive Journey

A Positive Journey
One step at a time from blindness to living again
by Eric D Sayce

Eric Sayce's purpose of writing his story was to raise awareness in his sighted friends of the potential we all have, whether we are experiencing a disability or not, and how we can exploit that potential to its full.

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The cover of the book shows a man in dark glasses exploring a wooden model of the Houses of Parliament with his hands. The lettering is red and black with a mid-green background.

Eric Sayce tells his story of the initial trauma of becoming blind and learning new daily living skills, getting out and about with the use of a long cane and the most important contribution to his confidence and independence, his four best friends, his German Shepherd Guide Dogs - Dorcas, Harry, Wills and Emma.

Read how he explores and tests the limiting factors created by his disability and how his other senses are rediscovered and exploited.

This is a very moving story with much to inspire and move everyone - whether blind or sighted.

Soft laminated full colour cover with a photo of Eric exploring a tactile model on the front and Eric with his beloved Guide Dog Dorcas on the back.

278 pages with 47 black and white photographs 



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